For you, my Love..

This was English version of Untukmu, Cinta enjoy ^^
When anger came
be patient
Open your heart
Understand him
Let his heart be calm
until some point
you asked your selves
“why I was the one who alyways giving in”
Understand this
that’s not the right question
“why I’m not the one who take a step back”
Calm his soul when he’s feeling sad
Don’t think you know everything about him
Understand the expression
Comfort him when he jumped for joy
Then you begin to ask again
‘Why he did not understand me “
But then you’re wrong again
‘I do not understand him’
Hug him when he did not want to see your face
Reassure him that you can not be at his side, always
Remind him of love, your love
Let him laughs by things other than yourself
Stare at his cheek when you talk to him
Do what you wanted
But stop when he asked you to stop
Enjoy the touch of your hand and his
Breath his voice
Recognize his sigh
Love only one part of his heart
Let him go when everything is getting too complicated
And in the end
You said
‘He does not love me anymore’
Be Strong
And love him all your life

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