i knew i’m in love when….

i was bumped into this article after i typed the title above on google, i add some opinion on my own on this article.. enjoy..

Love and fragrance are two things that can never be hidden. So when love knocks at your heart’s door be assured that although it has crept quietly on you, people around you can sense it from a distance.

No matter how much the person denies being in love there are certain sure shot signs that give them away and in a big way. So if you want to know whether the girl/boy you like is also falling in love with you or if you want to know whether your friend or yourself is falling in love here are some signs that will help in gauging their feelings despite their repeated denials.

1 Heady feeling:

heady di sini berarti memabukan..  you will feel as if you are on drugs.. you feel every time you see something or someone that remind you of the person you love, you’ll giggle or smiling just like orang gila..  you’ll have a light step, you’ll feel like you wanna jump and tell the world that you’re happy

2. Behavioural changes:  Love has the power to melt a heart even the one that made of stone, so if an arrogant abusive friend suddenly starts dripping honey sweetness, you can be assured that he has been hit by a cupid.  History knows that love can make people do anything so is falling in love. People can kill for love.

3. Dreamers’ Paradise: Lovers are usually not concerned about the world as they live in their own paradise where everything is perfect for them. So if you find someone lost deep in their thoughts either at some party or during office hours be assured that the cupid has struck his bow or he got depressed on something else, remember there’s just a thin line between in love and crazy.

4. Other subtle changes: When a person is in love they knowingly or unknowingly start imitating the person whom they loved. By different tone one can implement that an insensitive person can become sensitive to everything around him or her and they become kind and generous as love is all about kindness and generosity. I’m not sure i get the point on this one.  I only get the imitating part and people start showing their best behavior in front of their mates.

Certain other signs include quickening of heart beat and a glow on the face at the mere mention of the lover. Lovers become excited when they talk about their love to their friends. and sometimes, they get way too much excited and can’t stop talking about the lover.

So watch out for any of these signs to be assured that either the person is in love or on the verge of falling in love.


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  1. aditpnyu
    Jan 10, 2010 @ 17:27:57

    what happened to sunday and saturday ?


  2. deepudombivli
    Mar 24, 2010 @ 18:55:48

    Goodies ,,,,

    Keep sharing…


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