Once upon a time, Ralph Wilhern fell on love with his servant Clara, by telling his family that he’s intended to marry Clara, he realized how silly he had been, so he turned out marrying someone who’s more suitable and Clara fell off a cliff.  Clara’s mother, the town witch, came to the Wilhern’s house, seeking for revenge, she wanted this blue bloods to feel the pain of rejection her daughter felt, and commanded that the next Wilhern’s daughter be born with the face of a pig, and until one of their-blue blooded- claims her to be one of their own, till death do they part, will the curse be broken.   With the thread of the curse hanging over their heads, the next five Wilhern’s brides lived in terror of being the first to give birth to a daughter.  But as luck would have it, they gave birth to all sons, who had all sons, who had all sons, who had all sons.  Finally born to Ella and Leonard Wilhern, a beautiful baby girl, but what they didn’t know then that was Ella hadn’t actually gave birth to a Wilhern. She had given birth to a Jones, who turned out to be their driver.  This means that the first-born Wilhern girl was a girl named PENELOPE.  She was born, just like the curse said, with the face of a pig.

Her mother was the one who suffered the most with the born of this baby girl.  She seeks out helps, to remove the nose off PENELOPE.  But strangely, the carotid artery appears to run directly through PENELOPE’s nose, making any attempt at removal is unfeasible.  Her mother always did what she thought the best way to protect PENELOPE, from reporters by faking PENELOPE’s dead.  So, PENELOPE did almost of her play time in her room.  Meanwhile, her mother spent her every waking hour preparing PENELOPE to be a suitable bride.  And on PENELOPE’s eighteen birthday, her mother hired Wanda, matchmaker for the rich and famous.  Because everybody thought that to break the curse, they just had to find a high society blue-blood to accept PENELOPE as she is, till death do they part.  But every time, PENELOPE showed her  faces to the guys, they always run away.  But the butler was always managed to catch them, and bring them back to the house were they legally gagged, into secrecy.

Until one day,  the butler failed to catch this one guy, Edward Vanderman, who was also running out from the Wilhern house and managed to tell the police what he saw, he said that he saw a girl with pig face, and  that she had a fang.  The police didn’t believed him and had him locked in a jail.


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