out little ant

this story was never published before, i made this story while i was in high school’s 3rd grade, it was originally dedicate for my friend, she was asking me to make something to remember, so i made this instead of any thing else. enjoy


Once upon a time, far deep in a forest, an ant’s running so fast.  Somehow he seems to be feared of something.  Behind him, a fearless cockroach with incisive fangs chasing him. The ant kept running until something is opening a sort kind of a quarantine quarters doors.  The “something” told him with a husky voice to get in.  He didn’t  have another option, he got in then.  Inside, he saw a bright room with a lot of ants just like him.

“But something is just seems not right around here”, he thought.

Yes, it’s true. What he was thinking is true.  Some of the ants in that room were flying. And some others look like they were just arriving from some place with some heavy bags on their hands. They use their two back legs to walk and the two front legs as hands. And it’s getting really weird when finally that “something” talked to him.

“What’s your name? Where do you come from? How could you get here?”, asked the “something”, that after the light lighting it, our little ant could barely sees that the something is also an ant like him, in different face of course. This ant looks older than the other.

He’s now getting so confused. He knew that he could speak English since he was a baby, but only in his mind.  His mouth never says what he has on his mind. But, he never knows that an ant can really speak up.

“Hey, I’m asking you! Answer me! Are you deaf?” yell that old ant.

Our little ant didn’t know what to say. He’s still in shock with what he had found.  But, finally he tried to speak.

“I…..”, “wow, what a surprise! I can really talk! I can say something!”

“Yes, of course you can. You are ant. You can speak. Every ant can speak. Why can’t we?” said the old ant, who seemed to be surprise in finding our little ant.

“Ok. I understand now.  You are from the under world, right?” asked the old ant then.

“Yes, how could you know?” answered our little ant.

“I know every thing. The under world ant never had any education, they just so lazy to learn so they can’t ever speak. But you have quite good English, where do you learn it? And what’s your name little pal?”

“I don’t have any name. I don’t think I need a name because I can’t speak in the under world. But I was lucky to find some books in my father’s library and I learned to read it”

“All right my little pal. How about if I give you a name? How about Dash? Because, I don’t think you’re belong to the under world. With such a dashing spirit of learn, you should live here. In the upper world.”

“What?! This is the upper world?” Dash seemed to be surprised hearing it.

“Yes, welcome to the upper world! And my name is Felicity, Claudio Felicity.”

“What?! You’re The Great Claudio?” again Dash showed some surprised in his face.

“Yes. I’m The Great Claudio. But knock it off, call me Dio, please.”

“Oh my God, for Heaven sake! I finally find you.  You are the only one who can save the under world Dio!”

“What? What’s wrong with the underworld?” it’s turning around now. Dio was the one who seems to be shocked now.

Dio brought Dash to his palace. There, Dash told Dio everything.  He told how the underworld had being destroyed by a cluster of cockroaches. How he could run away from it because he could read the magic words in the gate of the underworld. About someone who told him, indirectly of course, that only The Great Claudio from the upper world could save them. And about his journey to get to the upper world.

After that, Dio told Dash to get some rest, so that tomorrow they could go back to the underworld to save some ants there.

Now, the day after, just like what Dio had promised Dash before, they, with some Dio’s guardian, went back to the underworld to save their kind, ant.  This time they had found no cockroach. Dash surprised seeing it.  He went from the underworld with a lot of cockroaches chasing him.  But he couldn’t find any of it now. They had a smooth way to the underworld.

When they arrived at the front of the gate of the underworld, it’s already open.  So, they’re going inside of it. When they were passing the gate they could see a lot of handwriting on the wall.  Of course Dash had already read it before, but Dio was very impressed with it.

“There’s no such thing like this in the upper world.  In the place where all ant can do what ever they wanted”, he whispered in amaze.

After passing through the gate they saw a horrifying scene. Everybody were on the streets, their house had already burnt out by fire.  A lot of dead body were not being taken care. Dash approaching someone he knew before and ask him what had had happened here. But, he didn’t get any answer. Every ant in the underworld can’t speak.  But, he does understand the signal they sent to him.

They say, indirectly, that the cockroaches already gone, and left no food for them.  The cockroach had destroyed their cave and home. They are now can only submit to their fate.  And they’d realized that it was their fault that they can’t speak so that they couldn’t get out from the underworld.

And that’s where Dio takes every thing on his control.  He, with this society tries to fix the underworld.  They work hands by hands to build the underworld from scratch again.

The ants from the upper world help them too.  They donate their money to the underworld.  Some of them even help with their power of flying.  They spread seeds of plants from the skies.

And after the underworld can get up with its own feet.  Dio, Dash and the upper world volunteers teach the underworld ants to read. So that if something happens they can easily get out from the underworld.

And that’s just how they live happily ever after then.


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  1. vitorio santosa
    May 22, 2009 @ 07:50:48

    what`s the point of this story????
    Upper world save underworld???


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