again,, movie review

this week is been a hell for,, the final exam has begun, but i still got spare time, went to the movie and bought some dvd’s… here it goes
1. PUSH, i literaly only wacht it, some says it already written in a book, i haven’t read or see the book, and for me it’s like setting up a brand new world of heroes, super human, human with extaordinary abilities, it’s ‘not bad’ movie, but seeing dakota faning wearing a short skirt all the time is a weird experience,, hahaha
2. XMEN ORIGIN : wolferine
3. JAMILA DAN SANG PRESIDEN, i seems troubled finding the official site for this movie, it’s a ‘not very bad’ indonesian movie after all, it’s not a comedy, it’s not the porn, it’s (i guess) meant to be a social movie, a wake up call of us, Indonesian, to realize, care about human trafficing in our own land.
4. dvd BRIDE WARS for the bride wars,, i took the quis on their official wesite,, and it reasulted as emma (anne hattaway) and here is my result, it’s a war movie, served in delicate, smooth way, you can feel the grudge, friendship, each character madness and weakness. It’s what I consider as a wakenig moment for me,, being at war with your best friend is tiring like hell
5. dvd THE READERs I haven’t finished watching this movie, I fell asleep,, LOL, but it’s not that boring, for the first half of this movie, I may say it a bit vulgar, they presented a naked Kate Winslet, and her naked guy partner having sex, few times. but,, I think when I finished it, I may change my mind. (hope)


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  1. Jeffry
    May 08, 2009 @ 10:46:15

    X man.. film baru ya..
    kalo X men gw tau… XD


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