up side down

have you ever feel don’t belong
misbehave and just can’t tell how you’re supposed to cry

i could be in an ocean of man but still feelin alone..

feeling like a doll being drag here and there
don’t know how to let everything go

i could be in the sky but still can’t fly..

knowing something that is not pure runing in your blood
waiting someone to found out then laugh about it

i could be in a deep forest but still found out where you are..

having hammer in your heart, beating you up
everytime you hear a song

i could have been married and still not knowing true love..

wanting something and reach them
forgeting others that may come in between

i could have my own earth and still feeling not enough..

still not knowing your life purposes
and put all the blame in others

i could spent my whole life time reading and still learning ABC..

we are all funerable human
have no abbility to understand whats is right or wrong

i could be human but still figure out what are we..


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